Discovering the World of Beat Saber Custom Levels

Beat Saber Custom Levels

Beat Saber custom levels have been taking the virtual reality gaming world by storm. Beat Saber is a popular rhythm game available on several platforms, and custom levels allow players to really show off their skills. With the introduction of user-generated content, Beat Saber players can now create and share their own levels with the community. As more and more users take part in creating custom levels, the possibilities for new and exciting experiences become limitless.

How to Create a Custom Level?

Beat Saber Custom Levels is an exciting way to get the most out of this popular virtual reality game. Players are able to customize their gaming experience by creating custom levels featuring various songs and difficulty levels. We will provide a comprehensive overview of Beat Saber Custom Levels, covering the benefits of making custom levels, how to create them, and how to download user-created custom levels.

Materials Needed:

Before you start creating your level, you will need a few materials. The most important is an Oculus Quest VR headset. You will also need a PC and a USB cable to connect the headset to your computer.

Designing the Level:

The first step in creating a custom level is to design the layout of your level. This includes deciding the size and shape of your level, determining the location of objects and characters, and choosing a theme for your level. You can use a 2D or 3D software such as Tilt Brush or Oculus Medium to design your level. These tools will allow you to create a virtual space in which you can move and place objects and characters.

Adding Objects & Characters:

Once you have designed your level, it’s time to add objects and characters to it. You can add anything from furniture, walls, and doors to enemy characters, coins, and power-ups. There are many tools available that you can use to create your own custom objects and characters, or you can use pre-made assets from the Oculus Store. When adding objects and characters, be sure to keep the player’s movement in mind so that they can easily navigate your level.

Testing the Level:

After you have added objects and characters, it’s time to test your level to see if it is working properly. You can do this by using the VR headset and playing the level yourself, or you can have a friend test it for you. This will allow you to see if the level is challenging, if the player can easily navigate it, and if the objects and characters are placed correctly. You can also use the VR headset to take screenshots and videos of your level, which you can share with others.

Publishing the Level:

Once you have tested your level and are satisfied with it, it’s time to publish it. You can do this by uploading your level to the Oculus Store, where others can download and play it. You can also share your level on social media and forums, where others can find it and play it.

Enjoy Your Custom Level:

After you have published your level, sit back and enjoy it! You can play your level yourself, or you can watch others play it and see how they interact with it. You can also use this as an opportunity to improve your level by making changes based on feedback from others.

Best Practices for Creating a Custom Level

Custom levels in games like Beat Saber can provide a unique and challenging experience for players. To create an effective custom level, it’s important to first consider the flow and pace of the level. Plan the placement of obstacles and speed changes to create an engaging experience. The use of color, lighting, and textures can also help to create a unique atmosphere for the level. When designing the level, consider the difficulty level, and make adjustments accordingly. Once the level is complete, test it thoroughly to identify and fix any bugs or glitches. Finally, pay attention to the timing and rhythm of the music to create a smooth, cohesive experience.

Tips for Making Good Levels

To create an enjoyable custom level for Beat Saber, the rhythm and flow of the song should be considered as well as the difficulty level. Using obstacles, blocks, and environmental elements can add an extra layer of challenge to the level and make it more engaging. When designing custom levels, it’s important to experiment with different patterns and difficulty settings to find what works best for the song. This can be achieved by testing the level and making adjustments until it feels right. Good level design in Beat Saber requires a good understanding of the rhythm and flow of the song and an ability to translate that into a fun and challenging gameplay experience.

Beat Saber Custom Songs Download

Custom songs for Beat Saber can be found in various online communities such as BeastSaber and ModSaber. These custom songs range from popular pop songs to original tracks created by talented musicians. Finding new custom songs to play can be done by browsing the Top 100 Weekly and Monthly Beat Saber custom songs list or by browsing the curated lists found on BeastSaber. Custom songs can be downloaded easily by following the instructions provided on the websites. With a large selection of custom songs available, players can find the perfect song to match their playstyle and keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Beat Saber Custom Songs List

The Beat Saber Custom Song List is a collection of songs that can be played in the virtual reality rhythm game, Beat Saber. In this game, players use lightsabers to slash beats represented by blocks. Custom songs can be downloaded through online communities like BeastSaber and ModSaber. With a growing community of talented musicians creating custom songs, the list of available custom songs is constantly expanding, offering players a wide range of songs to choose from.

Mod Assistant Beat Saber

Mod Assistant is a tool for managing custom songs and mods for Beat Saber. This tool simplifies the process of downloading, updating, and managing custom songs and mods by automating the process. With Mod Assistant, players can easily browse and install the latest custom songs and mods, as well as keep their current mods up to date with the latest versions. The tool makes it easier for players to stay up to date with the latest custom songs and mods, ensuring that their gameplay experience is always fresh and exciting.


Beat Saber Custom Levels is an incredible way to experience the game in a unique way. It allows players to express their creativity, as well as challenge themselves with custom levels created by others. Whether you are a beginner or a master of Beat Saber, custom levels offer something for everyone. Not only can you challenge yourself and practice your skills but you can also customize the look and feel of the game with special mods. The possibilities are endless and the enjoyment that comes from playing Beat Saber Custom Levels is unparalleled.

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